sukekiyo - IMMORTALIS JP

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sukekiyo - IMMORTALIS CD

1. elisabeth addict
2. destrudo
3. latour
4. nine melted fiction
5. zephyr
6. hidden one
7. aftermath
8. 烏有の空 uyuu no sora
9. the daemon's cutlery
10. scars like velvet
11. mama
12. vandal
13. hemimetabolism
14. 鵠 kugui
15. 斑人間 madara ningen
16. in all weathers

Kyo, the vocalist and sole lyricist of DIR EN GREY, is known both in Japan and overseas for his intense live performances. Following up poetry collections, photo books and artwork, Kyo’s newest project is a band named sukekiyo, whose highly-anticipated debut album, IMMORTALIS, will be released on April 30, 2014.

sukekiyo - IMMORTALIS JP