Student Council's Discretion Season 1 Blu-ray

46,95 €
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Student Council's Discretion Season 1 Blu-ray, contains episodes 1-12. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation and Clean Closing Animation

Region Code: A
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

When Ken Sugisaki is selected for Hekiyou Academy's student council based on academic achievements rather than popularity, one might expect him to be a fish out of water or to at least struggle to swim in the sea of beautiful girls holding the other seats. However, as Ken is a dating simulation aficionado and his primary duty is writing articles informing the school about Council activities, it's a match made in his own imaginary Harem Heaven!

Of course, how much reality is left in those missives once Ken's fevered romantic fantasies massage them might be questionable… especially once twisted Chizuru, yaoi-obsessed Mafuyu, juvenile Kurimu, and even boyish Minatsu contribute to his ongoing self-insert soap opera! But does it really matter? Maybe not, as long as the student body is happy reading about what happens!
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