Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor Blu-Ray/DVD

62,95 €
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Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor Blu-Ray/DVD, ontains episodes 1-12. Special Features: Web Previews, Promo Videos, Commercials, Textless Opening & Closing Songs and Trailers.

Region Code: A, B / 1, 2
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English

Substitute teacher Glenn Radars has a rather unorthodox approach to education. Even though his students are driven to learn, he prefers to write instructions on the chalkboard and nap during class. His evident laziness and overall incompetence frustrates his students to the point they challenge him! But, when a dangerous group threatens the school, he proves he’s more than a lazy fool.
16x9   Dolby 5   DUB   RC 1   RC 2   Reg C A   Reg C B   SUB  
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