DIR EN GREY - TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.1 [Europe & Japan] Blu-ray

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DIR EN GREY - TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.1 [Europe & Japan] Blu-ray. Voraussichtlicher Preis 89,95€. Erscheint in Japan am 20.6.2012

In solitude, aggravation and desperation ---- still they take the stage.
Footage documenting the six months from their European tour that kicked off in August 2011, up to the Osaka-jo Hall show in January 2012 will be released back to back in 2 consecutive months!
See DIR EN GREY abroad where they are faced with challenges day in and out, and in Japan where you are transported back to time of their nationwide tour, see them backstage and also on stage in their all new live footage from their recent shows. See them like you have never seen them before overcoming hardship, and see them only on this documentary. Follow DIR EN GREY on their journey from the time they decided as a band to take the hard road leading up to the present.