DIR EN GREY - Sustain the UNtruth

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DIR EN GREY - Sustain the UNtruth CD

1. Sustain the UNtruth
2. Ruten No Tou (Acoustic Ver.)
*Live Take at YOKOHAMA BLITZ on September 18, 2013

DIR EN GREY, the band that has continued to shock and resonate across the globe is releasing their 29th single "Sustain the UNtruth" on January 22, 2014, just nine months after their mini album "THE UNRAVELING" (released 03.04.2013).

The title track "Sustain the UNtruth" is packed with groovy and heavy bass and drums, guitar expressions brimming with technicalities finished off with a wide range of vocal expressions with a melodious tune. The arrangement on this track is spot-on and we guarantee you a chorus that that will leave an impact on you and stay in your mind. The single includes a re-recorded and acoustic version of "Ruten No Tou" previously released on their album "DUM SPIRO SPERO" and a Live Recording of "GAIKA, CHINMOKU GA NEMURU KORO" from Yokohama Blitz (18.09.2013).