DIR EN GREY - Average Sorrow

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DIR EN GREY - Average Sorrow DVD.

A video clip compilation that will shock your senses!

 DIR EN GREY, who carries the theme of PAIN since their formation just recently released their 9th album “ARCHE”. The same DIR EN GREY will be releasing a compilation of their latest music clips co-produced with genius directors all packed into “Average Sorrow” to be released on April 1st, 2015!

 “Average Sorrow” will include 9 videos made available after “AVERAGE BLASPHEMY” including works by Hiroyuki Kondo ‘DIFFERENT SENSE’, ‘Unraveling’, ‘Revelation of mankind’, the animated video of ‘RINKAKU’ by Keita Kurosaka and DIR EN GREY’s first ever lyric video of ‘Kuukoku no kyouon’ by Yasuyuki Yamaguchi. It will invite the viewers to ponder on the messages behind the extreme but very present social diseases that everyone would rather turn their back on. This release will also include new clips from “ARCHE” which you can only experience through “Average Sorrow”