Blood-C Blu-ray/DVD S.A.V.E.

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Blood-C Blu-ray/DVD S.A.V.E. Episodes 1-12, Special Features: Episode 06 Commentary, Episode 12 Commentary, Original Commercials, Promotional Videos, Textless Songs, U.S. Trailer, and Trailers.

Region Code: A/1
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English

Horrifying beasts with a hunger for human flesh prey on the citizens of a quiet town.

In moonlit twilight, Saya slays the monsters and returns home drenched in blood. As the attacks increase in frequency and intensity, her enemies relay cryptic messages about a broken contract. Limbs are torn from flesh and skulls are crushed and devoured while the huntress struggles with paralyzing visions and gaping holes in her memory.

When the humans Saya promised to protect reveal the sickening truth about her role in the violence, she learns her mission isn't as clear cut as she thought”and her most sadistic foe of all is so close she can taste it.
16x9   Dolby 5   DUB   RC 1   Reg C A   SUB