APRO - Avenue (KR)

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APRO - Avenue CD

1. 외동 (Only child) (Feat. CHE)
2. 척 (Act) (Feat. Joe Layne, Leellamarz, Spray)
3. 나 (voyage) (Feat. Chwvin of band wetter)
4. 이기적이야 (selfish) (Feat. BIBI, Colde)
5. 송곳니 (Fragile) (Feat. youra, pH-1)
6. 4.2 (For, To) (Feat. SOLE (쏠))
7. HoMe (Feat. O3ohn)
8. 고군분투 (ING) (Feat. Gaeko, Penomeco)
9. 앞으로 (one day) (Feat. 안다영)
10. To us (우리에게) (Feat. wave to earth, wavy)